Keep your team focused on your core business

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QBI can help you with the integration of all your data sources into a central data warehouse standardizing the information flowing from all your different data feeds.
QBI will take care of all the synchronization processes.
The whole implementation will be managed in a seamless manner, requiring the minimum possible effort from your relevant team members, and with no impact on your day to day activities.
The system is cloud based and fully scalable, there is no limitation to the number of data sources and systems. Since the very beginning you will be able to mine your information, gathering deeper and more detailed business insights as more data feeds are integrated.
The platform will become in a natural way the single source of truth for your business.
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Back Office services

Keep your team focused on your core business. Let QBI reporting and analytics team help you with your daily recurrent tasks such as new acquisitions/assets/plants onboarding, data quality validation and gap filling, reporting, AOP and BOQ estimates generation among other recurrent activities related to data crunching.
The reporting and analytics team will take care of the completeness, quality and mining of the data, so that you can make the best decisions for your business, based on reliable information.
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Portfolio diagnosis

With our expertise and algorithms, we can apply advanced analytics to historical time series information detecting underperformance from inverters to string level and miscalibration of weather sensors.
In an asset acquisition process, reinforce and complement the technical due diligence with a report based on historical data, that will highlight the asset performance and trends, healthiness and possible hidden defects, allowing you to fine tune your acquisition model and bidding price.

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