Digitalization can reshape every aspect of your company
Become a “Data Driven Company” with QBI Solutions

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Business-Driven solutions

QBI platform can be tailored to your company specific business needs. Our product managers, with decades of combined experience energy management, identify and integrate all key data sources that best fit your company needs and goals.
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Single Source of Truth

Central repository for all your information.
A single source of truth is key for every company. Collect all your information in a centralized, accessible and traceable repository. Project and companies information, components, contacts, etc. All necessary info at a glance.
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Integrate all your data sources

Integration of key multisource data feeds, proprietary and/or third party.
Break all your organizational information silos. Integrate all systems, technical, financial, accounting, ERPs, etc. and consolidate all your data in a centralized data warehouse.
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Collaborate with your team

Interaction with internal and external stakeholders within the same tool.
Multi-role based security simplifies the process of granting access to information to your internal team members and external stakeholders such as vendors, service providers, financing entities, advisors, etc.
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Advanced Analytics

Make decisions based on reliable data.
Our algorithms learn from the system’s behavior, detecting underperforming trends detecting underperforming trends, filling potential blanks from the monitoring system and setting the basis for the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence for a step-change in profitability improvement.

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