The strongest capability of our platform is that is structured around business processes rather than technical solutions. QBI follows a business driven development (BDD) agile approach, linking analytics solutions to a clear plan for process optimization and monetization.

Our Product managers, with years of experience in asset management, have full visibility and ownership of the end to end business process. They can identify which data sources and technical solutions are needed to achieve your company´s vision and manage the rollout and training of users.

We understand that the process in every country and technology is different, but also that the process inside every client is different, that’s why QBI is totally configurable. The QBI platform can be tailored to your company specific business needs.

Centralize all your assets in a single source of truth from development to construction to asset management. Make you team work faster and avoid rework.

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With the QBI platform, you can follow up projects along their lifecycle, from licensing stage to ready to build, construction phase, asset management and selling process.
Working with many external parties is common, and the flow of information is key. With QBI you can exchange any piece of information with any stakeholder/s without rework.
If you are tired of gathering information from hundreds of data rooms switch to QBI.
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QBI is a single and centralized database where all your Project Managers can:

  • Report, at the same time, the status of the different sites under construction
  • Generate Gantts, tasks and cost control milestones
  • Manage the Team
  • Equipment delivery
If your company has many projects under construction and you want to have your cash needs under control, switch to QBI.
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Operating Assets

In QBI we are experts in business intelligence solutions and data mining. We can collect all your data sources and create a data warehouse to make the information flow. Brake the silos between departments and mix all the information from the technical DAS/SCADA, ERP, HR, Work Orders, etc… Keep your team working on your core business; we will take care of data collection, data cleaning and integration to get powerful insights of what's happening in your business.
If you want to become a data driven company, QBI is the right partner.
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Supply Chain

Having all your inventory at a glance is key to make savings in the spare parts management process. With QBI platform you can manage and control all your installed and spare components. QBI supply chain module has a centralized catalog of different manufacturer components, that is always updated with the latest market information available.
Get insightful levels on inventory and react on time to incoming work orders, increase availability levels, generate savings with centralized spares purchase and save time with purchase orders approval workflow
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With QBI you can control which documents are visible by your potential buyer in the different rounds of the transaction diligence process without duplicating the information in multiple data rooms and without wasting time with folder permission management.
Create a secure connection point for all the stakeholders involved. Developers, project managers, external advisors, financing parties etc… can now work together under the same environment, minimizing information exchange time and accelerating the closing and post-closing activities follow up.
Exchanging structured information and documents is now faster than ever with QBI, saving on your team´s time and reducing cost by storing your files in the cloud.

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