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Who we are

Our team has managed Multi-Technology portfolios worldwide since 2004, and has experience in all the stages of the project; development, construction, asset management, and M&A. We understand the complete business life-cycle and we understand how important is to have an operational, scalable and secure business management platform that constitutes the single source of truth. Spreadsheets are no longer an option if you strive for competitiveness in the renewable sector.
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Whom we serve

Our platform is designed for business end-users and stakeholders (Developers, Financial Institutions, EPCs & Technologists, Infrastructure Funds, YieldCos and Utilities), facilitating interaction between them, either within the same company or externally. It covers the full value chain in asset-intensive industries facing the challenge of developing, managing, valuing and transacting assets globally distributed.
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What we solve

Game-changer in information availability and reliability, through digital solutions in the full asset lifecycle from development to commercial operation and M&A, leading to more agile and grounded decision making, accelerated processes, and business success.
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How we do it

We provide leading edge technology-enabled solutions based on advanced analytics, breaking the silos and making available all the information stored in the different systems of the company, becoming a data driven company. From the most sophisticated SCADA/DAS acquisition system, to the most basic expense control spreadsheet, we can make the different data sources standard, integrate them and get powerful insights and real control of your company and portfolio.

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